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The solution is often within reach - you only have to find it.

In commercial real estate, customized software solutions constitute a vital component for market clout. DELTA ACCESS develops solutions and finds ways for an optimal implementation. This makes their practical application easier, more efficient and at the end of the day, crowns them with success.

The [argo®] solution platform provides clients with a modular selection of software applications for real estate professionals from a variety of business fields within commercial real Estate.

The [argo®web] ZEHN core application is supplemented by integrated modules for geographic applications, reporting dashboards, data warehouse solutions and business-oriented apps for mobile use on tablets and smartphones.

The introduction of [argo®web] ZEHN offers our clients a completely redesigned solution that features a number of new, intelligent and extremely practical functionalities.

[argo®web] ZEHN

has a modern, responsive design;

is optimized for touch operation;

is 100 % CI conform;

offers new, extended search options;

provides increased usability and transparency;

is a HTML 5 standard;

supports multiple browsers;

has extended Outlook integration (e.g. view of [argo®web] ZEHN information in Outlook)


For more details, please refer to our product Website.